Guide to Picking the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinic

Having to go through the withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol addiction during detox makes this time the hardest for any individual to experience. This is even worsened if the drugs in question are highly addictive with painful or even deadly withdrawal symptoms. Relapses are more common than ever owing to the worsening mental health status of most people. However one came to the realisation that they need medical help to fight addiction, it is the best shot they have at regaining control of their lives. Here are a couple of tips that would help inform your choice of a drug and alcohol rehab centre.

The best place to start is to see if they accept the health insurance you have. Using your insurance may help you save some money if it is an option you can explore. This is, however, not a requirement that you need to fulfil. The preferences of the patient should also be taken into account when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab clinic. Do you want a public or a private drug detox centre? You should look at both these options and decide which one would suit you best to ensure an uninterrupted recovery. This may sometimes mean starting from scratch with a new recovery plan and should therefore be avoided when possible.

It is advisable to choose a drug and alcohol detox centre that will give you the option of accessing both in-patient and out-patient services during the span of your recovery. In cases where the drug in question is highly addictive as with alcohol and opioids, the inpatient option will be recommended. This will allow quick medical intervention in the case of dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Having yourself or a loved one check into a detox facility will also reduce the situations that may lead to a relapse. One may choose to first begin their treatment admitted as an in-patient and when they are released, they can seek further out-patient services.

If you have a dual diagnosis, go for the drug and alcohol detox clinic that is well suited to treat your case. Other mental health illnesses may also be part of your diagnosis as an addict like depression.

Making sure that the drug and alcohol detox clinic you go to offers group therapy which has been shown to reduce the chances of a relapse. A person battling depression needs all the help they can get to help them conquer their addiction. This has been shown to improve the social skills of the person battling addiction and offers them hope of a great social life once they recover.

Alcohol and drug addiction should be treated as a health problem where many people have recovered successfully through the help of detox centres. I think this underscores your responsibility to find the best drug and alcohol detox clinic available.

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